Guidelines And Ethics

Guidelines and Ethics

<Sticky> Guidelines and Ethics by Marketing Matters
In any community there should be rules and regulations to abide by. Even if the rules were unspoken, they would be prevalent.

The rules here a simple.

No spam. There are designated areas inside these forums to post links to your service/product. Please use the "promotions" thread inside the area of the forum related to your product/service.
All links used for promotion are not considered spam. Posting links that can be useful to the conversation is encouraged. However posting links for the purpose of advertising rather than posting for instructional information will not be permitted and will be considered spam. This includes signatures. Profiles are welcome to contain promotional links, but not signatures.

No offensive or vulgar behavior. Some people enjoy being rude and obnoxious for no reason. Those people are not welcome here. Albeit, there is no way to rid online discussions of these people entirely, they will however be dealt with swiftly.

No Illegal or pornographic material

As of this moment, that is all.

Please be respectful and courteous. How we all participate will determine the type of people we attract.

If anyone is interested here is an interesting blog I found about forum etiquette.